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Phone Program


                    'NO SUCH THING AS A DUMB QUESTION'

  • Can I discipline Margo while she is protected under the American’s With Disabilities Act?
  • Can I terminate Chris because of his arrest?
  • Jim has been out on leave for 15 months, can I end his employment?

In our firm's PSB Answers phone program, our clients have the right to ask an unlimited number of questions for the FLAT MONTHLY FEE OF $50 PER MONTH!

Founding Partner Chuck Pautsch developed this program about 30 years ago when he re-entered private practice after serving as in-house counsel at a major retail merchandising conglomerate. While in-house he learned how absolutely important it was to provide executives and human resources professionals with a means to ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE THEY ACTED.

Over the years since, thousands of companies have enjoyed this ability to pose these questions and avoid the inevitable 'mis-steps' that can occur when proceeding without objective and independent legal advice given today's increasingly complex labor and employment laws and America's litigious society. And they have been able to ask these questions without worrying about whether the 'meter is running'! The program is designed to allow clients to ask and receive answers to ANY question that can be answered 'off the top of our head' without additional research or review of documents. If that is not possible, the client is alerted that additional charges will be required to complete the project.

But given the fact that the three founding Partners of our firm have collectively over 70 years of practice and HR experience most callers get the answer they need without any additional charges.

Contact us today to sign up for this valuable and necessary program!